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If you want to grow sales, make more money and increase your marketing ROI, today's market will require sharper skills, more precise targeting and more effective marketing and lead generation strategies.

Join us to discover the tools, systems and tactics that are working right now for companies big and small to drive LEADS, sales and profits!

FINALLY - An Event Designed to Help Home Improvement Business Owners AND their Marketing Teams Crush their Lead Generation Goals

Speakers with Real-World Experience Making Leads Today in Your Industry

Connect with Fellow Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs and Professionals Who Can Tell You What’s Working Right Now

FROM: Brian Kaskavalciyan, Host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast

TO: Home Improvement Business Owners

(& Anyone In Your Organization Who Has ANYTHING At All To Do With Making a Lead!)

We’re not going ANYWHERE.

It seems - if you listen to the media and the “economists” - that it’s time for the home improvement industry to slow down. 

It’s 2023 and everyone is calling for a recession - surely, it’s time for our industry to take a backseat...Right?


What they DON’T know is what

you and I have seen FIRSTHAND.

There are people in this industry who have GRIT and who don't back down from a challenge. They're not about to give up just because the line on the economists' chart starts trending downward. (And if you're reading this, I'm assuming you're one of them.)

But the one fact we need to acknowledge is this:

Over the last 3 years “the fish have been jumping into the boats.”

(The fish being leads!)

We’ve got to take a look in the mirror and accept that our lead MAKING skills are rusty at best. For the past three years, most of us have simply been TAKING leads - and trying our best to keep up with all of them.

What’s worse is that many have become sloppy in their handling of leads. It’s been okay because of the over abundance of demand, you could “waste” leads and still make a fortune - however, things are changing.

To prove all of the forecasters, statisticians and prognosticators wrong, we MUST go back to becoming experts at making leads. PERIOD.

If you look at the heavyweights of our industry, you’ll notice they have one thing in common: They are OBSESSED with the sales and marketing side of the business.

Because they all know this:

Leads are the LIFEBLOOD

of every business.

In order to make a sale and put money on the books, what do you need first? Leads.

In order for your crew to go out and install a job, what do they need first? Leads.

In order for your company to keep breaking goals this year so that everyone in the company benefits financially, what do they need first? Leads.

The VALUE of a lead is something I’ve seen firsthand as the Co-Founder of gFour Marketing Group, where I’ve created and scaled systems that generate profitable leads for hundreds of successful contractors across the country.

If a company has a healthy lead flow, it makes every other component of the business that much more successful.

Today, I get to speak with those heavy hitters on a regular basis, whether it’s for an interview on The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, in our exclusive Mastermind Groups or through our other trainings, events and resources.

But it’s my past experience as a home improvement and home services business owner myself that has the greatest effect on how we design an event like LEADCON for hard working entrepreneurs and marketers like you.

You see, there are a lot of charlatans in this business. We’ve all been “Advertising Victims” at one point or another who have been burned by one of the fakes, frauds and hustlers who will tell you they have the one secret that will solve all of your lead issues.

Don't fall for it! I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how critical your time is.

Not just the time you spend AT an event, but the time (and the energy, and the dollars) you spend implementing what you learn there. Because of this, you won’t see a single person on stage at LEADCON that doesn’t have real-world experience making leads in this industry. 

And I know the challenge that’s in front of you right now. If you DON’T take advantage of the momentum that 2020, 2021 and 2022 have given you and use it to soar past your competitors, you will be looking back on this time with regret - when there are so many reasons that you should be looking back at it with gratitude. 

That’s why I’m excited to partner with my good friend Tony Hoty on creating an unforgettable LEADCON for you this year, and this is your invitation to join us!

Join Us June 6th - 7th, in Atlanta for LEADCON 2023 as we set you up to OUTSMART, OUTMANEUVER and OUTPERFORM Your Competition.

Let me be clear:

What Got You HERE is NOT Going to Take You to the Next Level

If you want to be ahead of the game…

If you want to be on the cutting edge of lead generation…

If you want to be a leader in your market…

This Event Is For YOU.

But if you’re the type who wants to sit back, coast along in your comfort zone, and blame any down numbers in your business on the economy, don’t even think about getting a ticket. You’d only be wasting your time and taking the seat away from someone who is really ready to propel their business forward.

Just 250 seats are available, and close to 100 of them are already gone. With 5 sold-out events in the past two years, our team here at The Wealthy Contractor expects this event to sell out, too.

Don't drag your feet, or you will find yourself left out.

During these unprecedented times, contractors need the latest tools and insights more than ever. An event like this is the best way to get everything you need in an easy and concise 2 days.

And for everything that’s packed in those 2 days, this ticket should easily be over $2,000.00. However, because of sponsor support, we’re able to keep it at just $795.

**Act soon to save $200.00 off your ticket during the Discount window.

Take advantage of the savings now before they’re gone, and sign up to join us LIVE in Atlanta, June 6-7, for LEADCON.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Brian Kaskavalciyan

gFour Marketing Group

The Wealthy Contractor

“It is obvious Brian and his team are vested in our success. The quality of the speakers and content they share is original, inspirational and applicable.”

- John Gwaltney, Owner of Outback Deck

Who Exactly is LEADCON For?

Business Owners

If you are a home improvement business owner with a growth mindset, this event is for you. Now, let me be clear…Whether you’re happy with a $1 Million Dollar company or you’re trying to surpass your $100 Million Dollar goal, a growth mindset doesn’t necessarily mean colossal year-over-year sales growth. It means that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve. At this event, we will be sharing how to increase your lead volume, but also how you can do it most effectively and efficiently so that you, the business owner, see greater business profits AND less headaches.

Marketing Team Members

If you are anyone who helps to create a lead, from a Marketing VP to a brand new Marketing Associate, this event is for you. You are essential! Without the leads that you provide, the sales team has no one to sell to; the installers have no one to do work for; and the whole company may as well close up shop. You owe it to everyone - and to yourself - to invest 2 days into setting yourself and the company up to surpass your lead goals month after month. Come to LEADCON, where you’ll find out what’s working for other home improvement marketing pros who are in your shoes right now. There’s no other event where you’ll get as much practical, real-world marketing insights and advice that you can use right away.

Many Business Owners are Bringing Themselves PLUS At Least One Marketing Team Member. SEATS ARE FILLING UP FAST. THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT!

“Inbound leads have slowed to almost nothing in certain markets…Being able to control your own destiny, to have some marketing where you can make something out of nothing, you know, that's going to be key for a lot of people in the next 12, 18 months.”

- Megan Beattie, Megan Knows Marketing

“Leads are going to dry up…This is where the people who are swimming naked are really going to be exposed, because it’s getting harder. It’s not getting easier.”

- Scott Berman, Florida Window & Door

“Inbound leads are great. However, there are never enough of them. If you want to grow your business, you always have to find new ways to generate leads in a way that's scalable.”

- Tony Hoty, Window & Bath Depot and Tony Hoty Training & Consulting

Why There’s NEVER Been a More Critical Time to Invest in Your Ability to MAKE Leads:

Harvard Researchers project “a steep deceleration in annual gains of home renovation and maintenance spending” in 2023

Lower home improvement budgets and less prospects in the marketplace mean greater competition to capture those available leads and dollars

The costs for online leads continue to climb, granting the best leads to the highest bidder

With less leads available in the marketplace, you may now find some lead aggregators serving you lower-quality leads

Even more workers are expected to return to the office in 2023, making them less available at home for sales and marketing presentations

After years of home prices that were constantly on the rise, residential real estate prices are now expected to finally drop 5.3%, making a move more appealing to those residents who would once settle to stay in place and renovate

…But There’s Still an ENORMOUS Opportunity Available to You - If You Commit to Becoming the Most Strategic - Dare I Say the Most DANGEROUS - Marketer Among Your Competition.

“Stop wondering if you’re doing it right, and learn from the best in the industry, who are blowing it up year over year, with amazing profits! Brian, his team, and his supporting peers WILL get your head straight and on the path to where you always wanted to be!”

- Mike Evans, GatorGuard Concrete Coatings

Reserve Your Spot at LEADCON 2023 & You’ll Discover:

The Little-Known Way to Improve the Quality of Your Leads so that You Get a Bigger Return On Investment

An Insider’s Guide to Television Advertising in Today’s Media Landscape (and How to Make It Work For You)

How to Rank in the Google 3-Pack WITHOUT Going Broke

A Groundbreaking Way to Close More Leads that Pairs Big Data with A.I. - and How You Can Do This in Your Small Business

The Tips, Tricks and Tools of Canvassing and Events that No One Taught You (Because They Didn’t Know Them Either)

The 3 Elements You MUST Get Right IF You Want Your Advertising to Work

The Secrets Your Competitors DON’T Want You to Know About Direct Mail

How to More Precisely Target Your Ideal Audience So That Your Marketing Dollars Give You Bigger Returns

The 3 Ways that Contractors Use Financing to Make More Leads

The Secrets that “The Master of Lead Generation” Learned While Selling Pots and Pans Out of the Trunk of His Car (which he then used to build his $80 Million Dollar business)

The Copywriting Sins Every Home Improvement Marketer Needs to Avoid

How to Diversify Your Marketing Mix So That You Prevent Clogs in Your Lead Flow

How to Reverse-Engineer Your Own Revenue and Marketing Goals to Achieve Success that You Wouldn’t Have Thought Possible Before

...And Much, Much More!

You do NOT want to put this off… Wealthy Contractor Events sell out as much as 3 months in advance. Don’t wait until tomorrow, because it could be too late!


Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty Training & Consulting

Megan Beattie

Tony Hoty Training & Consulting

Brian Kaskavalciyan

The Wealthy Contractor

Brian Elias


Maddison Connelly

Ridgetop Exteriors

Richard Begalla

Window Depot

John Bowser

Target Media

Bob Quillen

Quillen Bros Construction

Sebastian Jimenez


Please note: Speakers are subject to change.

“Brian and his team are great. They always have guest speakers that are very successful that own and operate many of the top home improvement companies across the US. Thank you, Brian & Adi, for everything!”

- Paul Echols, Owner of Wintek USA

There Are NO Risks…


To Be Profitable For You -


If, by 4:30pm on day ONE - you determine LEADCON is not profitable enough for you, or it isn’t what you had in mind, then you just simply go to anyone on the LEADCON team to receive a FULL REFUND of your entry fee, plus $1,000 CASH to cover your time and travel costs!

Get Your Tickets Today

You do not want to put this off! Space is limited to only 250 seats total, and close to 100 seats have already been reserved. Once these seats are gone, they’re gone.


General Admission


Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions June 6th & 7th

  • Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


General Admission


Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions June 6th & 7th

  • Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


General Admission


Ticket Price Includes:

  • Access to All Speaker Sessions June 6th & 7th

  • Lunch & Snacks Both Days

  • Workshop Workbook, Swag Bag & Materials

  • Tuesday Night Networking Party

  • Discounted Hotel Room Rate

  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Act now to get your ticket at the lowest possible price. You have nothing to lose - your profit is GUARANTEED.



Upon registering for LEADCON, you’ll get access to the event’s hotel room block at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead. Nestled in the stylish and trendy Buckhead neighborhood on the outskirts of Atlanta, you’ll get to enjoy fine dining, upscale shopping and all the conveniences you could possibly need, just steps from the hotel.

*The Room Block is expected to sell out. Get your event ticket ASAP so you can reserve your discounted room before they’re all booked up!

Be sure to book all flights to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), just a quick 30 minute ride to the hotel. You can also easily hop on the MARTA Transit System Red Line at the airport, which will take you to the Buckhead station on Peachtree Road, just two blocks from the hotel.

Property Address

330 Peachtree Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30305


(404) 237-1234

3300 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA





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